Okay, so you’ve crafted that on hold message script and you’re looking for that perfect voice over to represent your company. After all, it’s those expert voices that really make your script come alive. But did you realize there are certain things you can do to your script to make your on hold message more personal? Let’s have a look.

  1. Include levity in your script’s tone: Does the tone match your organization? Sure, if you’re a law firm you need to uphold a professional demeanor throughout. But if you can incorporate some humour into your script, your voice artist can naturally make your company more appealing and relatable.
  2. Make it interactive: By giving choices when your client is on the phone, your company turns the ‘listen and wait’ time into ‘listen and participate.’ So if there is a possibility to direct your caller to different departments, feel free to give command back to the caller.
  3. Avoid the cliché: Thank you for holding. All parties are currently assisting other customers. Please wait and someone will assist you shortly. Your patience is appreciated. Did you zone out already? Your caller probably did too. Using standard greetings is fine, but the more you fine tune that script and rid it of clichés, the more personal it will be.
  4. Include your slogan: And on that note, do include specific company information. That may be a slogan, specific contact information or a relavent promotion. Your caller knows that he or she called the right place.
  5. The use of the question: Did you know that questions naturally make you pay attention? Do you see what I’m doing here? Are you engaged even if you know you won’t literally answer out loud? Incorporating questions breaks up the monotonity of the script and gives a level of interactivity. Use them.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’re on your way to fine tune that script. Your voice over professionals will do everything they can to make it shine, so make sure you do everything to help them help you.