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However if you want a creative script, or really want to get the most out of your voice overs – leave it to us, the pros, for only an extra $45 with your order!

Our scriptwriters know all the tips and tricks to make your phone voice overs portray the perfect image of your company without being too wordy (which is a common mistake). They will research your company and write your draft voice overs with an outside perspective! They can help you figure out how your script should be formatted, how to write it to get your callers feeling a certain way.. and many other things that you might not be able to.

BUT – If you still want to do your own below are some tips that can really help!

What you SHOULD include
  • Business Hours
  • Website Address
  • Ways to Alternatively Contact You eg. Email Address
  • Specific information on Products & Services
  • Key selling points for using your Products & Services
  • Announcements of new Products & Services
  • News about upcoming events
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Trivia questions and answers
  • Unique Greeting
  • 3 – 4 benefits about doing business with you
  • Why you’re different than everyone else

If you are in the Medical industry, you may like to include health tips.

If you are in the Automotive industry, you could include economy or maintenance tips.

Picking the right voice

As your callers get older, high pitch sounds get harder to hear*. For this reason, if you callers are typically older or hearing impaired we recommend using Ohvo Male Voice Talent’s.

*According to the Speech Technology Magazine

You also want to ensure you choose the right voice to represent your business, and to best relate to and capture your callers interest.

This all depends on your individual business and your values. For example, at Ohvo we are casual and upbeat, so select our voice talent for our own voice overs based on this. Our personal greeting is upbeat, casual, and energetic!

Don't use jargon

Your voiceovers should be free of complicated jargon words which can merely confuse the caller. We want your callers experience to be as simple and efficient as possible, so make sure you use words and phrases that your general customer base can understand.

However obviously if your business is more niche/B2B then by all means, use the words they know and understand!

Be grammatically correct

Your messages should reflect your core brand promise and should be grammatically correct, or just needs to make sense to listen to. If a caller can’t understand what is trying to be said – there’s no point in saying anything!

Typical scripting mistakes

“Thank you for your call, you are important to us, please continue to hold and we will be with you shortly”.

The first time Callers hear this they believe it. Why would this lovely voice lie to me?

When the same message plays continuously.. callers get very bored and no longer feel like they are important! It creates a negative impression and can make the hold time feel far longer

Why not mention this once or twice (max!) and use these precious on hold moments to better use, such as to Promote Your Brand, Products or Services. This will help retain caller interest and decrease caller hang ups.

If you are for example a retail business, you may like to promote your current special deals. This would interest your callers as they are most likely calling up to enquire about your products anyway.

“Thanks for your patience. While you‘re on hold, we‘d like to tell you about our exciting offers…”

Do you have a jingle/sound byte?

If you’ve got a Company Jingle or commonly used sound byte in your market we would mix this in with your On Hold Voice Overs. This helps your callers instantly connect with your Brand.

Sound effects and creative scripting

Mixing in a SFX at the start of your messages is another great way to help callers connect with your brand.

eg. Space Ship Van Rentals could have an eg. Space Ship Sound Effect with a Apollo like voiceover providing callers a Welcome Greeting.

Our team is great at creative and producing uniqueness!. We want your callers to have a positive Lasting Impression.

Writing your script

Do you want the Voice Talent to read “zero, seven, triple two, zero, one, double zero” or how about “zero, seven, two, two, two, zero, one, zero, zero”

How do you want your place name eg. (Whitianga) said “Fiti-unga” or “Witianga”.

To make sure the voice talent reads your script the way you’d like it, make sure you write it out clearly, with pronunciation.

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