Voice bots are awesome! You can record everything in a moment applying them. It takes no time to record a whole book with one of such bots. And they are mostly free. So, you wouldn’t spend a single dollar for having hundreds of phone voiceovers, e-mails, instructions, etc. And you would get them in one single day! Isn’t it great?

voice bot 1

Actually no…

The First Reason – Everyone Knows about Voice Bots!

What does it mean? It means that they do know – voice bots are free and easy to use. It is like treating your guest with the cheapest coffee you can find on the market. It tastes and smells bad. And your guest would know that you spent no additional cent on him. It would be better to give a glass of water. Or even nothing.

Voice bots leave a bad taste in the mouth. It seems the company would do everything to cut their expenses, and they hardly can provide a high-quality service or product. It would feel like the company spends the same amount of effort for voicing as well as its services. Even if it is far from being true.

What Makes Voice Bots So Recognizable?

Everyone can easily distinguish human voices from a bot. The reason is voice fluctuation. A person can pronounce the same word in dozens of different ways, changing tone, pitch, emphasis, volume, vocal position, etc. Each of these positions corresponds to a certain emotion a human feels at the moment. The bot has none of that. It obviously can be randomized yet the result will be far from perfect.

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When is it Critical?

Obviously, you don’t have to record everything. A smart program can voice everything (e.g. instructions, messages) for your staff. But for greeting a client with phone voiceovers, it is not an option.

Phone voiceovers, emails, commercials, tutorials – everything a client hears has to be recorded by a professional voice actor. In such a way, a potential client would hear the voice of a person whom they will trust more as it is more pleasing than a cheap lifeless bot. They really do appreciate good voicing. It is a great first impression. If a company puts effort into greeting clients, it takes care of product development and providing services as well, they think.

Why not to Record it Myself?

Recording phone voiceovers is not an easy-to-do task. It requires thousands of hours of practice, special equipment, and sound editing. As it was said before, the human voice has a lot of fluctuations. It constantly changes depending on your mood, weather, tiredness, etc.

voice bot 3

These changes sound amateurish and suspicious. And a potential client would obviously think of your goods and services as something average.

What to Do?

Ask professionals to do the job for you. This is a reliable way to get a perfect greeting message, phone voiceovers etc. Show respect to your customers.