Any business owner knows that customers arrive at your product one of three ways; through your website, walking through the door, or over the phone. So many companies place emphasis on the first two that they forget about the importance of making a great impression via phone and on hold messaging. It is perhaps the most underestimated source of sales and if you are serious about making the most of every aspect of your business then you need to take a close look at your messaging systems and how well they really work.
Check these 3 ideal factors in ensuring your phone messaging is hitting the mark.

-Does it look good on paper or in reality?
Make sure you listen to the final recording. Your paper script might look good or read well on your website but does it translate into engaging messaging over the phone?
Print copy is vastly different to audio, print is created to satisfy the eye, while audio is designed to appeal to the ear. You need to script messaging differently to your website or brochure. Here is an example of a script that looks positively awful in print but will work well in messaging.

‘Cats. They shed their hair all over the house. You don’t like vacuuming every day and we don’t either. It’s time to end the constant cleaning. You need to hear about our pet wet-vac system now.’

With the right intonation this script would be very engaging, but you’d never just plop this message down on your website or brochure.

-Keep it fresh.
Marketing is a big job for any owner or manager. Phone messaging can often fall by the wayside when it comes to prioritising updating marketing. Don’t leave your on hold messaging till the last! It needs to be fresh and on point. Up to the date topical messaging will always have more impact than vanilla by the numbers boring messages. Use OHVO to target your customers, even as far as scheduling messages by the hour to hit them at certain times of the day. ie: Customers at 8 am, people who have just gotten up and tensing up for work, will require different tone in messaging from those who are just finished their day and beginning to relax at 6pm.

-Get the listener to act.
Sometime knowing how to get the listener to act is tough and you may find yourself recycling the same tired call-to-action on every message. You need to tailor each message with its own unique call to action, add some personality- have fun! Repeat callers will enjoy the variety and you will enjoy a higher sales turnover rate.

If this all sounds a bit like too much hard work then talk to the team at OHVO, they can help you develop a great schedule cram packed full of fresh, audio friendly messages to make the most of your on hold system.