No doubt, using on hold messages is an effective way to please your callers while waiting for you to answer their calls. If you have a small business, you can also use this chance to market your products or services. But unfortunately, there are those who failed because they did not this technique properly.

Apparently, some entrepreneurs don’t consider on hold messages as investment because they don’t realize that these few seconds are very important. Sad to say, their first priority is to save money, and they ignore its potential negative effect on their business. Here are five mistakes that you should avoid.

• Not unless it is for personal use only, there’s no reason for you to use your own voice. Being the company CEO or small business owner will not help, even you if your voice sounds better than Morgan Freeman.

• Using a company staff with a good and attractive speaking voice may help you save money. But what if he or she resigns, or cannot work for you anymore? You’ll have no other choice but to create a new one.

• Using live broadcast from your local radio station. While this can be somehow entertaining, don’t forget that ads are also being played over the radio. What if the ad comes from your direct competitor?

• Explaining technical details about your products or services is a complete waste of time. You don’t expect every caller to understand technical specifications, do you? Besides, they did not call just to ask you about them.

• Mentioning alternative contact number is not a good idea. Doing so is like telling them not to wait for you pick up the call. You’re not also expecting them to memorize an 8-digit landline number that easy, are you?


To avoid committing these mistakes, we strongly suggest that you hire a professional on hold message voice-over.
Here at OHVO, we offer male and female voice-overs who are carefully chosen to fit your specific needs.