So, voicemail. Let’s be honest, we all hate being redirected to nasty voicemail greetings. It’s not always possible to answer the phone – maybe everyone is at lunch or in a meeting. Get a voicemail greeting! 

 If you strive to be original and not scare your callers off, opt for a voicemail greeting that paints your business as the market leader. You shouldn’t necessarily use something like: “You’ve reached blah-blah-blah. Please, leave your message, and we will call you back. We appreciate every call”. Why? Because it sounds plastic. Here are the 7 most effective greetings for your business voicemail that you’ve missed. 

  1.           Old-fashioned, yet effective and super-polite:

 “Hi, thanks for calling COMPANY. Unfortunately, we can’t answer your call right now. Our lines are a bit busy. Please leave a message and we will call you back shortly. Have a nice day!” 

  1.           Classic and welcoming:

 “Hello, you’ve called COMPANY. Sorry, but no one is available to answer your call right now. Feel leave a message with your enquiry with your name and phone number. Thanks!” 

  1.           Fits for a youthful brand

 “Hey there! It’s COMPANY’s voicemail. Please don’t hang up. We’d love to help you. When the beep comes, leave us a message, and we will call you back… One, two, three”.  

  1.           Humorous, yet not aggressive and will make clients smile:

 Hey thanks for calling… okay please hold while I connect you to someone. (1.5-second pause) ahem! I said PLEASE HOLD while I connect you to SOMEONE (music starts and slows to a stop). Bill…Bill! Why isn’t this working?? (audible bang, motor sounds, jaguar malling someone in the background, glass shatters) Bill says: “okay try now!” (vinyl startup – music begins) 

  1.         Public Holiday Greeting:

 “Hi, thanks for calling COMPANY. As today is a Public Holiday, our office is closed. If you’re looking for some information, visit the FAQ section on our WEBSITE. Please, leave a message after the beep, and don’t forget to send your email at EMAIL. Happy HOLIDAY!”

  1.         Great for after-hours calls:

 “Hello and thanks for calling COMPANY. You have called outside of business hours which are _____ to ____ Monday to Friday. Please call us during these times otherwise leave a message and we will call you back the next business day. Cheers!”

  1.           Voicemail Greeting with a Creative Twist

Hey there, you’ve called COMPANY outside of office hours of TIME to TIME, DAY to DAY, but I promise we’re all laying in bed counting the minutes until we can call you back. Drop us your name, number, and reason for calling past our bedtime. Thanks again, chat with you soon.

For more scripts, have a look at our scripting guide and select the most appropriate samples for your business and audience.

 Not all people are open to original voicemail greetings, but no one has ever suffered from an innocent voicemail joke. Ensure it fits your companies personality. I wouldn’t recommend such if you’re a law firm or a dentist’s office. Our team of experts would be happy to help Script and Record your new Business Voicemail Greeting.