Maybe, you own a small coffee shop, have your Instagram clothes store or run a French bakery around the corner. No matter what you do, you have to pay taxes, manage the payroll, and monitor your transactions. It’s not easy is it!?

If you want to run your cashflow like a boss, check out our recommendations on the best accounting software for small businesses. What is it? It’s a cloud-based application that saves your transaction data and links in with your bank. It can tell you how much you should pay in taxes this month and often to PAYE tasks like calculate the fortnightly salary of your staff. 

 We have come up with a list of the best accounting software for small businesses: 

  1.  Xero

 Xero in accounting is like the Iron Man in Marvel. Other superheroes are not bad either, but Iron Man is flawless. Anyway, Xero was created in 2006 and has updated ever since to make all of your accounting a one-click operation.


The program can manage everything – from accepting payments to sales taxes. Xero Projects lets you track the time and money spent on a certain activity like opening a new clothes category in your store or adding a new dish to your restaurant’s menu. This way, you can find out what is worth your effort and what is not. 

  1. MYOB

This Aussie software lets you do your banking via your phone. You can send your clients the invoices, and they can pay them with their cards. No hustle and bustle.

 You give your team access to the program, and they can post up-to-date info about your cashflow. MYOB works like a CRM. Besides, the app gives you insights on how to cut your expenses. 

  1. Quicken

 Quicken is a bro of XERO and MYOB. It is available both for macOS and Windows. Also, you can get the mobile app for your Android or iPhone. The main advantage of Quicken is their tailor-made Quicken World Mastercards. The program provides identity protection. So fraudsters will not be able to steal your card details or name.

 With Quicken, you can track not only your business activities but personal bills, property payments, and investments. There are interesting features like retirement calculator too. Guys, think about your future!

  1. Zoho Books

 This accounting buddy is always there to remind you to pay your taxes and bills. Readily made invoicing templates and reconcile transactions help you cut the time in half whenever it comes to making payment transactions.

Zoho Books is part of a big suite of business products called Zoho One. Zoho Books syncs seamlessly with this suite of apps to ensure your business works as efficiently as possible.

 The app allows your clients to see whom and how much they paid on the client portal. If you regularly spend money on fresh vegetables or packaging supplies, you can make these payments recurrent. Zoho Books remembers such payments and manage them automatically.

 All the apps are pretty affordable; the prices range from $10 – $50  per month. There are standard, premium, and deluxe packages to meet any business needs. Feel free to choose your #1.

 Manage your financial stuff by opting for the right accounting software while we are going to take care of your callers with Professional Phone Voiceovers & On Hold Music.