Aspiring entrepreneurs prepare hard enough before launching their businesses. This includes understanding the target market, analyzing the competition, and investing in marketing.

However, a lot of businesses fail in providing quality customer service because they overlook simple mistakes in handling their clients.

Here are five of them:

Incomplete FAQ page

An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is supposed to be the first guide to new clients visiting your website. Web visitors are very impatient; they want to know exactly what to do and where to search. Once they don’t find answers to simple questions in that page, don’t expect them to call you or to send you an email.

Not taking extra care of loyal customers

Clients keep coming back because they like your products or service. In most cases, they recommend you to their friends. In return, you should treat them special. Giving them some gifts or discounts on special occasions will not hurt you. In fact, it will attract other customers to become loyal to your products or services.

Imposing very strict policies

“Sorry, that’s our policy.” We hear this very often when we call the customer service center and even from store clerks if we have some small requests or we make simple mistakes. As a business owner, you need to break your own rules sometimes. Teach your staff when to say, “Wait, let’s see what we can do.

Staff arguing with clients

Different people have different levels of tolerance. But if you are a business owner, you should always keep your composure. And this trait should be copied by your staff. Customers sometimes lose their temper, especially when they don’t get the quality they expected. So, never ever argue with your clients.

Keeping callers wait on the phone in silence

According to North American Telecom, 99% of callers who were kept on hold and hear nothing within 40 seconds will eventually hang up. You don’t need to imagine how many of them will not call again. Obviously, this causes a lot of losses for businesses that don’t use on hold messaging services.

The first four mistakes mentioned above are totally under your full control, and no one else can help you. But for your problems with callers on hold, we at OHVO can help you. We have a wide variety of professional on hold voice overs that you can choose from. We will also guide you on how to save money in marketing your business.