Technology is wonderful. It has enabled any person to cut music, record audio, edit photos and create videos. What a time to be alive!

But when it comes to your business marketing and on hold voice messaging, take a breather on the home grown content. Just because you can do it yourself, doesn’t mean you should.

Here’s why…

All you put out into the public arena needs to have a quality that indicates your professional brand. You must put thought into any audio that is reaching customers, first impressions last and you only have one chance to make them.

Your personal preferences might be holding you back. You’ve crafted a blend of messages and musical stylings that you love, wonderful. But have you studied the best tempos and tones, intonation, vocal styling and wording to get the best results from your target customer? What you instinctively prefer might not be the ideal for your business.

Home technology is great, but has its limits. Nothing can get that polished edge like a recording studio with top of the line equipment. Your customers will hear the difference between a message recorded in a studio versus one recorded in the boardroom, it’s a small, subtle indicator of quality and professionalism.

Cost vs time. What is your time really worth? During the time it has taken you to organize, record and edit your messaging you might have been designing new product, closing a deal or focusing your attention on other lucrative areas of your business.

Slick, targeted, resonating, time and cost effective on hold messaging? Yeah… call in the voice over and music messaging professionals.