The facts have been checked and the results are in, using a toll free phone number is good business, no matter how big your company is.

Some businesses shy away from the idea, citing the costs – as the charges for calls are paid for by the business itself not the caller, or simply not believing that an 0800 number would be of any real benefit, but this is simply untrue.

Studies show that callers have a perceived idea that calling an 0800 or freephone number indicates a quality service or product. In fact this representation has been shown in the marketing phase to increase contact with customers via phone by an astonishing 50%.

This increase in calls and potential sales is usually more than enough to counter the cost of the service, which is really a small investment compared to the possible sales.

Using a Freephone number can neutralize the effect of regional calling codes. Not only does it open your business to a nationwide audience, it reduces the small town feel of dialling a company in a local area code. These numbers are often proven to be more memorable to the customer especially if they are repetitive or have been worked into a jingle for audio marketing.

If the final hurdle to resisting the adoption of a freephone number is the fear of disruption to daily business or using two systems then it’s time to think again, it’s 2016 guys! Your service provider can easily set you up with a professional sounding 0800 number which will call into your existing line in conjunction with your normal number. No problem at all with delays or systems to learn.

It’s easy to present your company as an established, quality, confident brand when using a freephone number, even a new company with a staff of one can benefit from that!

Combine your 0800 number with engaging on hold messaging and you are sorted ready to win over you customer in one short phone call.