silence-inLess talk, less mistake. Does this mean being silent is always good? Definitely not true, especially if you are a small business owner. As a matter of fact, you always need to find ways on how you can improve your communication with your clients.

Without your knowledge, here are some cases when silence can ruin your business:


• You learned that social media is now an effective marketing tool, so you decided to create various social accounts for your business. But there’s one big problem. You made them only for the purpose of having them. You don’t post updates and you even ignore the comments of your fans and followers.

• Yes, you have a Contact page on your business website. But you don’t assign a staff to monitor the incoming email messages. Instead, you’re busy promoting your business and continue to spend huge amount money for advertisements. You simple assume that all your customers are contented and happy.

• Here’s a classic one. You invest in 24/7 customer support and bought a lot of telephone units to make sure customers can contact you anytime. You are confident that every caller will be entertained properly. But again, there’s no such thing as perfect customer representatives.


Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the first two problems mentioned above. But for the last one, we can assure you the professional assistance you need. In case you’re not aware, not all calls are being answered immediately. Well, of course, your customer representative is only human, not a robot.

But can you imagine if someone calls and no one answers at once? Here is a wild guess. It’s either he will call again and encounter the same experience or he will never call again. In either way, it’s more of your loss, not the caller’s. In worst case, his bad experience will soon be a trending topic in social sites.

Here at OHVO, we offer professional hold messages designed for specific needs. With us, you can be sure all your callers will be attended at all times, with style. Now, you don’t have to worry about calls not being attended at once.

Now, your silence has a voice, a voice that can even help your business grow.