There are SO many way to promote your businesses products and services. One really effective way you may have know about is On Hold Messages.

Here’s a example:

You own a small pizza parlor and you’re expecting lots of phone orders. Obviously, you cannot always answer calls at once as your busy serving your walk in customers or busy cooking beautiful pizza.. you don’t want to burn it!.

Here’s how you can use On Hold Messages to brand your business without losing your phone orders:

• Your on hold message could tell callers about your other products eg. Garlic Bread or Lasagne!.  You never know, they may add this to their phone order.
• If your business has a tagline or slogan, which we think is a must-have; then mention it in your On Hold Messages.
• If you have special discounts or a up sell option, you can add them too. eg. Add on delivery for only $10.

 Note that the above tips are not only applicable to pizza parlors; they also work well to all kinds of small businesses.

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