customer_service_ohvo_manTalking to your customers is the best way to provide your customers information and create a relationship with them – which turns them into a long-term, repeat customer.

But have you ever thought about the language and words you use, and how they could be perceived by the customer?

As your customers are the most important people to your business, you cannot afford to offend or annoy them; which unfortunately can be done pretty easily if you don’t know that you’re doing it.

You need to take into consideration the language and type of words you are using to communicate to them. A good customer relationship is based on two-way communication so it actually involves a lot of listening as well. Your customers should feel like they fully understand what you are saying, and that you care about what they have to say. Here are a couple of pointers to ensure you’re talking to your customers the best way possible, for the best customer relationship:


  • Listen to your customers. This is the first mistake many people do to lose customers. What does the customer actually want or need? They do not call to hear you chat away about anything. They are calling to speak to you, and hear your reply. Two-way communication is key, and the best thing you can improve on for results.
  • Don’t use jargon. If you know your customer is not an expert in the product or area, avoid terminology that would assume they know what it means. Use language that you KNOW they will understand. If you find this hard, write down a description of each product/service in plain language and stick on post-it notes around your work area.
  • Be honest. Honesty is the best policy. So, never tell your customers what you don’t have. Never promise them something you cannot do. Never tell them to wait if you’re not sure when you will come back. Never take advantage of their weaknesses.
  • Don’t sell without permission. Internet marketers call this as permission marketing. When you answer calls from clients, don’t sell your product or service to them. Instead, ask them about their problems and tell them how you can help.
  • Underpromise, and Overdeliver. If you deliver to your customer faster and better than you said you would, they will always believe you go above and beyond for their personal needs. So when talking to your customer, do not advertise how fast or great you really can do things, let them find out for themselves and then call you back and express gratitude, solidifying a customer relationship bond.


Here at OHVO, we don’t just do the talking. We also listen. You tell us what your needs are for your phone system, then we will offer suggestions and give recommendations. Share us your problems, and we will do everything to help you the best way we can.