At every time of year (and especially during the holidays), there is a need for language content awareness and, sensitivity. After all, we are no longer living a time where seasons greetings at Christmas, Easter or other religious or festive occasion are quite as straight forward as they may have been in past times. This social evolution is neither good nor bad; it’s just where an integrative, evolving world in 2017 is at and in regard to business, it’s important to follow suit!

Being aware of diversity in society means being conscious of different types of clients and audience members your brand or business will have, and in order to hold their valued attention, it’s important to build rapport via responsive content, even on your business recorded messages.

The reason that the words you use are so important is that people can take offense to the acknowledgment of certain holidays, where their own religious or origin traditions may not be given the same significance. It doesn’t mean that you don’t acknowledge Christmas, Eid, Chinese New Year etc, it means that you do – but with the right language.

Here are some great, neutral alternatives for typically celebrated occasions that you can use in your next recorded message:


  • For Christmas:             Sending A Happy Holiday to all who celebrate this day.
  • For Eid:                        Wishing A Joyful Celebration to all observing this occasion.


There are many polite ways to acknowledge various days to various denominations of religions, culture, background, and origin. It simply requires a little thought and a well-structured sentence.

The difference for your audience is huge, as there is nothing quite like feeling acknowledged. Similarly, it’s wise to not associate or align with any particular school of thought in politics, religion or otherwise, hence the neutral tone for all special greetings.