The Mcdonalds golden arches is a simple logo that is recognized internationally from New Zealand to Norway. No matter where you are from the mere sight of the famous yellow M invokes memories of smell and taste sensations. Whether you are a fan of the fast food chain or not, the impressive reach of this mammoth brand is undeniable.

How can you tap into this idea, even a small way, for your own business or brand?

The simple answer is saturation. No matter what you are putting out there, be it an ad, flyer, receipt or photo on Facebook, you had better have your logo on it. Email signature, website, packaging or business card, your logo should be upfront and clear.

Not one of your customers or associates should ever be confused if the item is from your company. The reason is twofold, firstly you lower the risk of having your product or property confused with a competitor, secondly you are imprinting your consumers mind with your logo or brand over and over.
Take social media for example, you may share a photo of a product or service and one of your followers decides to share it, then one of their friend shares it and so on. Unless you have placed you logo or mark on the photo, the chances of any potential sales arising from the shared photo decreases significantly. Having your details on the picture lets any future viewers know directly who to come to. The risk of them searching and finding a competitor’s product is unlikely.

Think of a popular brand of cereal, I bet you can close your eyes and instantly imagine the shape colour and name of the branded logo. What about one of its competing brands, can you picture it? What cereal are you likely to pick up at the supermarket the next time you are in?

By showing your logo to the consumer frequently you are subtly ingraining yourself to them. The next time they need your product or service, they’ll remember the catchy jingle or logo that is recognizable to them. This also works for taglines, repeat it on any appropriate medium, such as email signature or voicemail message where possible.

By choosing a well-designed logo and showing it anywhere you post content, you are ensuring that your customers become aware and comfortable with your brand, crating unity and flawless brand recognition.