Customer service is often missing one important step in recent times. The act of providing a warm greeting is falling out of favour, as it is without a doubt still the most effective way to instantly engage your customer. It welcomes them to the store, makes them feel comfortable in the environment and opens the line of communication between customer & staff member.

Similarly, using professional phone greeting, like those provided by OHVO, guarantees your customers are always welcomed by a warm, friendly voice. This will ensure they are happier to wait to speak to someone, and the conversation will begin on a more positive note.

It’s too easy to forget that our customers are the sole reason that we are in business. We have to remember that they are human, and enjoy human interaction. They will be so much more receptive if we can simply remember to greet them warmly and engage in friendly conversation.

It could be as simple as saying hello, and making a small comment about something relevant to that day or the customer; or merely just pointing out what specials or promotions are happening.

While this might seem so basic to a lot of us seasoned service people, it is important to remember that it is not instinctive knowledge. If you have new or entry level staff members, it is vital to teach them the importance of a greeting, or they could be losing you sales at the most basic level.